Sunday, January 27, 2008


Daisy was my friend
maybe my only true friend
She was about medium size, beige, with the smoothest hair
she walks fast
sometimes she's so fast that I couldn't keep up
but she always knew where to go.

she will walk ahead of me, sniffing her way through the streets,
minding the cars, marking her territory
doing all that while still paying attention for any food that is on
her way
and when she notice I couldn't keep up with her speed
she'll stop her tracks and looks back towards me,
waiting for me to catch up
sometimes i wasn't sure who leading who
I guess we had a equal relationship

a truck took her life

she was too short, and the driver was going too fast
i remember she barked in pain after the hit, right in the middle of
the street
It didn't take long for her to leave, like about 20 minutes,
I thought i should've walk faster
maybe I could've stop the accident

i miss her

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